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German stocks

The subject of our company's special interest is the German stock market. The reason for such attention is obvious - German stocks are recognized as the most reliable and stable of all the European securities, and the range of companies enables you to diversify investments within the single country and a common system of German stock exchanges. This is the best optimal option for long-term investments that generate stable dividends.

We know everything about its leading players, current trends, heavyweight companies and newcomers. DAX (the key German stock index) that has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, helps to track fluctuations in securities. It is calculated on the basis of the data about concerns' stock trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, through which 90% of the country's securities pass.

A distinctive feature of the German stock market - is stability in its participants. Its backbone does not change for years: among the long-term residents of the German stock exchanges are RWE energy company, SAP software maker, Lufthansa airline, BASF, and Bayern chemical concerns. Upon closer inspection, newcomers that occupy the top lines of the ratings turn out to be subsidiaries of the permanent leaders, like Covestro, which is a division of Bayern.

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