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Stocks Depo

Any beginning investor is afraid of losing the invested funds. A bank or an investment fund may go bankrupt, an insurance amount will not be sufficient to compensate for losses and an attempt to return your funds will lead to a series of unsuccessful legal proceedings. Nothing like this can happen to securities. They will not disappear like money from a bank deposit together with a runaway owner since the mechanism protecting stocks and their owners is much more reliable.

Our company provides services of securities storage and accounting of ownership right transfer. The information about the stocks belonging to a certain owner is located on a securities account, where the ownership rights to securities are recorded. Their disappearance is not technically possible. As far as income in the form of dividends on shares or accrued coupon income on bonds is concerned, it is credited to the broker's account and is further transferred to the client in accordance with the terms of the contract. This chain has been tested for many times, its reliability has been proven during the years of brokerage companies existence. You can receive information about the service cost from our consultants by asking them additional questions about securities storage. 

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