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Shares Exxon Mobil

The recommendation is being revised
60 $
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Exxon Mobil sold by lots comprising 1 pc.
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Energy lives here
Why invest in Exxon Mobil?
  • One of the world's largest crude oil companies
  • One of the world's largest corporations by market cap
  • Over $314B market cap as of now
  • Daily production exceeds 2.80M barrels o.e.

All the time
Recommendations of the largest investment banks
DZ Bank
58 $
Evercore ISI
48 $
Exane BNP Paribas
45.50 $
39 $
Financial indicators
336.59B $
P / E
278.41B $
Net profit
78.39B $
The general recommendation of investment banks


Based on the analytics from 27 of the world's largest investment banks over the past 3 months

Forecasted prices

Target price

48.96 $

(-18.41% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 27 of the leading investment banks

Exxon Mobil Corporation is one of the largest petrochemicals producers in the world when it comes to the marketable value. The petroleum empire annually takes the leading positions in the lists of the trendiest players in the worldwide market. The company's authority is equitable with the influence of such international corporations as Apple Inc and Google, these brands are always competing for the Fortune magazine first spots in the ranking. The Energy Corporation was founded in 1999 by an amalgamation of Exxon and Mobil which are the senior oil and gas organizations. The union of two chemical corporations made Exxon Mobil a universal leader in the oil industry. As a new formation, Exxon Mobil inherited the industrial scale of its predecessors. The company pulls over 28 million barrels of crude oil equivalent per day. The company has production baselines in more than 24 countries, and the total number of its employees exceeds 83,000. The company has become the world-beater in a production of unique polymers. Other Exxon Mobil products in-demand include flavoring agents, plasticizers, polyethylene products, adhesive resins, and solvents. The company's first six-monthly report in 2018 confirmed the financial success of the O&G enterprise. In follow up of the second quarter result, Exxon Mobil's net profit increased by 18% and hit $ 4.65 billion.

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