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Shares AT&T

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32.25 $
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Mobilizing Your World
Why invest in AT&T?
  • The world's largest telecommunication company
  • One of the largest media holdings over the world
  • Number 18 in the largest mobile network provider list, with 135M subscribers
  • The largest provider for local and remote phone network in the US

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Recommendations of the largest investment banks
Raymond James
32 $
Morgan Stanley
34 $
Credit Suisse
31 $
Financial indicators
227.36B $
P / E
164.44B $
Net profit
83.17B $
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Based on the analytics from 31 of the world's largest investment banks over the past 3 months

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30.23 $

(-6.2% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 31 of the leading investment banks

American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T Inc.) is the largest mobile telephone services and Internet provider in the USA. The total amount of its subscribers exceeds half of the population of the country. The company was founded by Alexander Bell to promote the stationary telephone system he invented. Starting from the first communication points it eventually became a big conglomerate. Throughout the next 100 years, the company maintained a state monopoly status suppressing all uncompetitive rivals. AT&T's long-term functioning as a nationwide network launched massive innovation and research in telecommunication.

The company's powerful resources allow it to monitor billions of IP-addresses and even share intelligence with the US National Security Agency.

In 1995 AT&T embarked upon a new business strategy aimed at restructuring the monopoly. The network's further development logically resulted in introducing computer-based systems in telecommunication. In 2006 AT&T acquired its main competitor in telecommunications, the BellSouth company. It made the former monopoly the largest cable products supplier in the US.

Merger with Time Warner Inc. media conglomerate, completed in June 2018, is considered to be the most prominent deal in the history of the company. The first-quarter financial results confirm the telecommunication giant's good reputation. The company's official revenue over that period rose by one third and amounted to $9.795 billion.

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