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SoftBank Group

Growth potential
45.54 $
Price per share
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SoftBank Group sold by lots comprising 1 pc.
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Why invest in SoftBank Group?
  • The third largest mobile network provider in Japan
  • The largest IPO in Japan in 2018
  • The world's second largest IPO
  • Net profit exceeded JPY 400B over the last three years

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Net profit

Since 1981, a Japanese corporation SoftBank Group Corp. has concentrated its efforts on the field of telecommunications. It specializes in cellular and wire telephony, and the Internet providing. The founder and eternal head of the corporation is the richest man in Japan Masayoshi Son. His secret of success is a rock-solid intuition that guarantees an ongoing growth of the stock price. He knows for sure where to invest and what assets he should immediately get rid of. An example of a successful investment is funding a Japanese branch of the American company Yahoo. The latter has already been acquired by Verizon but the Japanese service is booming.

At the end of 2017, the company managed to win a tender for purchasing a 15% share in the Uber taxi service for about $ 9 billion. In the near future, it is scheduled to offer for sale a third part of the stocks of its subsidiary Softbank Mobile – a Japanese mobile operator –for the price of $30 billion. This will become the world record of an initial public offering; the previous one belongs to Alibaba – the company 30% of whose stocks are owned by Softbank as well.

In total, Softbank accumulated more than 600 telecommunication companies under its umbrella. The amount of its assets is estimated at $168 billion. The corporation entered the USA market as a major investor planning create 50,000 jobs (as a comparison, there are about 69,000 people currently working for Softbank). The nearest sphere of interests for the company is space and unmanned vehicles.

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