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ITI Funds Russia-focused USD Eurobond

Growth potential
29.48 USD
Price per 1 ETF
Base currency
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Why invest in ITI Funds Russia-focused USD Eurobond?
  • One of the top 18 bonds by credit rating and liquidity
  • Provides diversification investments into the best class fixed yield assets in the equity market
  • Target prices are actively maintained by the Central Bank of Russia through REPO
  • Market is efficiently supported by the financial institutions and investors

All the time
Before buying, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the key information document (KID) of the fund .
The largest components included in ITI Funds Russia-focused USD Eurobond
Issuer ISIN Currency Weight
GAZPRU 7.288 08/16/37 XS0316524130 USD 8.64%
RUSSIA 5 7/8 09/16/43 XS0971721963 USD 8.24%
RUSSIA 5 5/8 04/04/42 XS0767473852 USD 7.95%
VEBBNK 6.8 11/22/25 XS0559915961 USD 7.42%
SIBNEF 6 11/27/23 XS0997544860 USD 6.97%
VEBBNK 5.942 11/21/23 XS0993162683 USD 6.95%
RUSSIA 4 7/8 09/16/23 XS0971721450 USD 6.85%
GMKNRM 6 5/8 10/14/22 XS1298447019 USD 6.8%
GAZPRU 6.51 03/07/22 XS0290580595 USD 6.69%
SBERRU 6 1/8 02/07/22 XS0743596040 USD 6.66%

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