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Roche Holding

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About Company

Roche Holding Ltd. – a pharmaceutical holding headed by F. Hoffmann-La Roche company, a Swiss manufacturer of medical drugs and diagnostic equipment. Besides the Swiss, it includes Japanese and North American companies. Founded in 1896, the parent corporation quickly claimed leading positions in the market, and in 1919 became a joint stock company. In the 1930s, Roche extended its product line with vitamins, in the 1960s it started producing a popular valium. Nowadays, Roche has transferred fragrance and vitamin production into separate companies and has focused on manufacturing diagnostic equipment and medicine for people with AIDS, oncology, and organ transplantation. Among the latest achievements is a medication against the Tamiflu. According to statistics, the largest profit in the field of pharmacology the company receives from antitumor drugs and in the field of medical equipment – from glucometers and equipment for immunodiagnostics cycle. Roche invests significant funds in research performed by Genentech subsidiary that successfully works on the diagnosing and treating genetic diseases, in particular, the problem of dwarfism.

In 2017, the annual turnover of Roche holding amounted to about 53 billion Swiss francs, with the net profit of 9.5 billion. Compared to the year 2015 that was not the most successful for the company, the indicators increased by 10% and 5% respectively. The Roche stocks are quite a reliable investment, from which one cannot expect either a huge profit or serious failures.

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