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266.6 $
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Why invest in PayPal?
  • The largest debit e-payment provider
  • Working in 202 countries, as of 2017
  • Stock price increased 25% YTD
  • Over €118B

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Recommendations of the largest investment banks
Atlantic Equities
315 $
297 $
BTIG Research
300 $
350 $
Financial indicators
101.12B $
P / E
14.97B $
Net profit
6.02B $

An American company PayPal – is a payment system founded in 1998 that became a part of eBay in 2002. It provides its 200 million clients with huge opportunities – secure payments for both a buyer and a seller. The company has representative offices almost all around the world; however, in some countries, it offers a limited number of services. PayPal operates 25 currencies. The company profits from the difference in the internal system exchange rate and the real one when a client needs to cash money or withdraw it to bank cards or accounts. There are no other charges applicable to payers; a commission can be taken from a recipient, which depends on the specifics of a national PayPal system. Officially, PayPal is not a bank; however, it provides guarantees that are typical of banking structures, thus attracting major clients. In 2017, its annual turnover amounted to about $13 billion with the net profit of almost 1.8 bln. The growth of financial indicators is sustainable. Analysts are sure that there is more space for PayPal to develop. One of the most reliable payment systems will grow due to new functions implementation. Correspondingly, in the long run, its stock price will keep on increasing. The area of the immediate interests for PayPal is a technical improvement of mobile payments and credit extending for business clients. To reach this goal, in 2017, the company purchased Swift Financial that specializes in granting credits for small businesses.

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