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Shares Morgan Stanley

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80.53 $
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Morgan Stanley sold by lots comprising 1 pc.
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Why invest in Morgan Stanley?
  • Owns the world's largest broker business
  • One of the most renowned bank holdings in the US
  • Over $71B market cap
  • Number 82 in Forbes Global 500 in 2015

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57 $
Financial indicators
76.36B $
P / E
41.06B $
Net profit
34.06B $
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Based on the analytics from 29 of the world's largest investment banks over the past 3 months

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87.44 $

(8.58% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 29 of the leading investment banks

Morgan Stanley is an American commercial holding company with a capitalization of 83 billion dollars. In 1935 it was separated into a separate organization by J.P. Morgan & Co bank due to legislation amendments prohibiting US banks from making investments. Within the space of a few years, it covered a good quarter of the country's investment market, in the postwar years he opened its offices in Europe. In 1986, he launched issues that were gaining success in the market.

Until 2007, the Morgan Stanley was doing fairly well, but when the US investment market was overtaken by the crisis, the company ended up on the verge of bankruptcy. The Management of the Company decided that it was too dangerous to confine their activities to investments alone, and in 2008 Morgan Stanley evolved into a commercial business. It terminated the artificial division of US businesses into commercially and investment dedicated, as well as the unlucky streak for the company. Today, a quarter of Morgan Stanley shareholding belongs to one of the subdivisions of the Mitsubishi Group.

Morgan Stanley Holding Company specializes in conducting their wealthy private clients' businesses, manages corporate securities, and carries out investment management. Its representation offices cover 42 countries. The Corporation provides services to non-commercial organizations, charitable and pension funds, insurance companies. The annual income of the company is $ 37 billion, the stockholder equity as of 2016 was estimated at 76 billion. The shares of stock are known to be stable, undisposed to dramatic ups and downs.

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