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Shares Google / Alphabet

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Why invest in Google / Alphabet?
  • The world's largest search engine
  • Over 40B search queries monthly
  • Over 25B web pages indexed
  • Owns Youtube, the largest video streaming service

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Based on the data from 12 of the leading investment banks

Since 2015, Google Inc. was reorganized into a new conglomerate Alphabet Inc. It owns the world's largest search service and a popular email service, Internet maps, Chrome browser, Android and many other IT technologies. Moreover, Alphabet owns a biotech company Calico, which is now struggling against in senescence, artificial intelligence developer DeepMind, as well as driverless car, focused WayMo. One of the reasons for the amalgamation was to let loose those affiliates that are not directly associated with Internet technologies so that they won't remain in the shadow of Google. The newly-minted company turns out so successful that the global bureaucracy has to put some artificial restraint to its growth, applying fines for its almost monopoly against other search systems. It brought no effect to the financial stability of Alphabet, in 2017 its turnover hit $110 billion with net profit of 26 billion. The number of multinational employees is over 80,000 people, all top specialist in the field of natural and computer science aspire to work for the new corporation. By dint of its vast income, Alphabet invests in each promising start-up project, swallowing up 6-7 new companies per year, mostly Internet-oriented. Each of such merges strengthens the corporation's stand in the market, increasing the reliability of its shares.

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