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All Stocks General Motors

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24.89 $
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Building The Future
Why invest in General Motors?
  • The largest automotive corporation in the US
  • 9.60M cars and special purpose vehicles produced yearly
  • Innovative research and development for electric cars
  • Over $50B market cap as of now

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35.44 $

(42.69% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 18 of the leading investment banks

General Motors (GM), the American automotive corporation had had its anniversary celebration in 2008 as a world leader, but a year later it was bankrupt under the pressure of the global financial crisis. The directorship managed to keep the company afloat by means of restructuring, taking off the table individual brands, such as Pontiac and sales to Saab. The sale policy is ongoing: in 2017 the French Group PSA was sold to Opel.

The unexampled anti-crisis measures have delivered their benefits. Over the past 10 years, GM had to squeeze up by skipping ahead Toyota and Volkswagen with their larger overall productions, but GM's financial indicators are still high. Every year the corporation puts forth 9,6 million cars and custom machinery, with an additional income from electromobile accumulators. In 2017, General Motors managed to achieve a steady increase in sales revenue, which had a positive impact on its stock prices in the New York Stock Exchange.

The General Motors Executive Board does not plan to expand Business Dimensions, the goal is to be technologically in the first flight of the global automotive industry. To accomplish this, GM invests heavily in research and provides the market with its innovative products like cars with electric engines. Mass production of such Chevrolets automobiles, that manage over 300 km without charging, was launched in 2016, and the plan is to sell up to 30,000 cars annually. Analysts connect the prospects of the GM revival precisely with the science-driven sector of the automotive industry.

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