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Shares The Walt Disney

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Where Dreams Come True
Why invest in The Walt Disney?
  • One of the world's largest entertainment corporations
  • One of the largest animation studios based in Hollywood
  • Member of DJIA
  • $235B market cap as of September 2018

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P / E
59.43B $
Net profit
26.71B $
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204.86 $

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Since 1923, the Walt Disney Company holds a special place in the global entertainment industry. Besides animation and film production, the concern builds and operates amusement and water parks, restaurants, TV and radio networks. While the founder of the company Walt Disney was alive, the primary income was generated not only by cartoons but by selling the licenses to the public's favorite characters as well. After the war, the studio began working on fiction films and mastered television.

Today, The Walt Disney produces the world’s most popular animation; the company has managed to take hold of a prominent place in the adult fiction film industry as well. It has lots of specialized subsidiaries responsible for sound recording, visual effects, and production release. A huge share of profit is generated from consumer goods. Marvel, another giant of the film industry, has become a subsidiary of Walt Disney.

In 2017, the turnover amounted to $55 billion, the net profit was almost $9 bln. The result is somewhat worse than in the previous years; however, analysts attribute this to significant success of the Walt Disney during the last decade that is difficult to surpass. The company’s stocks are considered to be one of the most reliable on the market: its products set profit records, attracting viewers from every corner of the world. The Walt Disney has already built 11 parks based on their works and stays strong in the pursuit of its goals to open up Asian markets.

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