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Shares Daimler AG

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Engineered to move the human spirit
Why invest in Daimler AG?
  • The largest company in Germany by turnover
  • Over €50B market cap as of now
  • The largest manufacturer for various classes of cars, engines, and parts
  • Active electric car development

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69.71 €

(-8.58% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 29 of the leading investment banks

One of the world's most innovation-based companies in the world is the German motor-car construction giant Daimler AG. The company's story begins in the distant 1886 when two engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz pioneered the use of a "three-wheeled vehicle with a gasoline-powered engine." It was the first automobile in the world tagged Benz Patent-Motorwagen. As you might have already grasped, Daimler AG owns a Mercedes-Benz brand. In addition to the fact that Daimler AG produces "Mercedes", they are engaged in the manufacturing of other brands' cars, as well as trucks and buses. And besides the transport industry, the concern has a financial subdivision, the Daimler Financial Services, which is engaged in credit provisions to individuals and legal entities, and insurance. Automotive industry innovations are a key element of Daimler AG's activities. Year upon year the company improves its own production technologies and the product. Also, Daimler AG is renowned for its concept cars, which are a symbol of innovative activity in the area of mechanic engineering. One of the latest innovations is a F 015 Luxury in Motion, equipped with a full-fledged autopilot system that works via laser and ultrasonic sensors, a powerful processor, high-precision cameras and the latest navigation system. The Daimler AG establishment holds near 300,000 employees, who built up a turnover of near 165 billion as of 2017. On annual basis, the corporation sells 2-2.5 million automobiles, and it has representative establishments in almost every country in the world.

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