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Shares Cisco Systems

The recommendation is being revised
52.7 $
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Cisco Systems sold by lots comprising 1 pc.
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Why invest in Cisco Systems?
  • One of the world's largest hi-tech companies
  • Global leader in network technologies
  • The largest multinational company in telecom equipment manufacturing
  • Over 3% dividend payouts

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Recommendations of the largest investment banks
JP Morgan
55 $
DZ Bank
52 $
New Street
60 $
43 $
Financial indicators
215.22B $
P / E
50.27B $
Net profit
30.68B $

An American transnational corporation Cisco Systems is one of the largest manufacturers on the global market of high technologies with its headquarters located in the Silicon Valley. Founded in 1984, the company manufactures such products as routers, cable modems, video surveillance systems, and network security equipment. The major purchasers of Cisco Systems products are concentrated in North America and Europe; development of the Asian direction is upcoming.

The founders of the company are the Lerner – Boskak couple. They began with manufacturing routers and in no time their company came from behind; in 1990, they sold the stocks for $170 million. It’s a huge amount; however, for the current Cisco Systems with the annual turnover of $48 billion it was just a modest start. Today, the president of the company is Chuck Robbins – a veteran employee who had been working in Cisco for 17 years before being appointed to the post. Under his direction, the corporation headed towards new scientific, technical and financial horizons.

Cisco Systems has opened representative offices all around the world; more than 400 offices of the company employs 73 thousand people. According to the financial statement 2017, the corporation demonstrates a steady growth of assets and equity capital amounting to $130 and $66 billion respectively. Cisco invests significant funds in scientific research and acquisition of companies working in promising fields including the Israeli CloudLock, which specializes in cloud technologies.

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