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  • The CRM system market global leader by revenue and number of users
  • Over $100B market cap
  • Number one in Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work at
  • Offices in 25 countries

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108.03B $
P / E
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7.71B $
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273.28 $

(18.92% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 43 of the leading investment banks

An innovative company in an innovative environment, is currently the major CRM (Customer Relationship Management) computer software and cloud technologies developer. Salesforce is considered to be one of the pioneers in the development of SaaS systems (software as a service – a model of software use in which the developer creates an application and independently operates it, providing the user with access to the software through a worldwide network), as well as PaaS (platform as a service) an operating model for cloud computing, according to which the user has access to operations with information technology platforms hosted by a cloud provider). In 2013, Salesforce became a leader in the CRM-system world market, with a 14% share of the total18 billion $ budget, bypassing all its competitors. According to experts' estimates, the company owns more than half of the market of CRM based on SaaS model. Among Salesforce customers are such giants as Google, Cisco, Toyota, Hitachi, and others. The entirety of the company's operations is in substance a continuous development of innovative products and offerings in the area of electronic automated data management systems. Salesforce regularly releases updates and enhancements for its core products. The company's flagship products include the Sales Cloud service (a part of the CRM system in charge of sales pipeline), the Service Cloud (service support services for customer information support), (a platform that allows users to develop their own apps and additional add-ins for exclusively), and (a cloud-based data management system).

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