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24.41 $
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Beyond Petroleum
Why invest in BP?
  • One of the world's largest publicly traded oil&gas companies
  • Daily oil and gas production amounted to 2.539M barrels o.e. in 2018
  • One of the key hydrogen energy market player
  • Over $143B market cap as of now

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Recommendations of the largest investment banks
28 $
MKM Partners
31 $
27 $
Financial indicators
133.46B $
P / E
289.4B $
Net profit
37.54B $
The general recommendation of investment banks


Based on the analytics from 16 of the world's largest investment banks over the past 3 months

Forecasted prices

Target price

31.04 $

(27.12% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 16 of the leading investment banks

BP plc (British Petroleum up to May 2001) is a transnational oil and gas company headquartering in London. It is the world's second-largest publicly trading oil and gas company. BP America in the USA is its major asset. The company conducts oil and gas production over the world, both onshore and in the shelf area. The BP reserves have proven as of 2017 estimated 18,441 million barrels of oil equivalent. The company employs over 74000 people. BP owns oil-refining and petrochemical throughputs, a filling station chain, produces oils under the brand Castrol. Еhe Сompany also holds shares of 10 gas pipelines and five regasification terminals in the North Sea. Moreover, the company has a 47% stake in the gas pipeline in Alaska, as well as several receiving terminals for liquefied natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has BPSolar asset, which is engaged in the manufacturing and installation of photoemissive cells. BP is one of the chief players in the field of hydrogen energetics. The company builds Hydrogen refueling station and supplies them with hydrogen. Participates in various hydrogen pilot projects around the world. BP's profit as of 2017 doubled against 2016 and reached $ 6.2 billion in the face of price and production of oil and gas increase, which allowed the company to resume reacquisition of shares. In 2017, Company's production factor increased by 12% and reached 2.47 million barrels per day (b/d), after BP launched 7 oil and gas fields last year. BP's investments as of 2017 reached $ 16.5 billion, within the annual range of $ 15- $ 17 billion, and the company expects to retain such results up until 2021.

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