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Shares BNP Paribas

The recommendation is being revised
51.59 EUR
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BNP Paribas sold by lots comprising 10 pc.
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Why invest in BNP Paribas?
  • A leader in banking and financial service sector in Europe
  • Number 6 by assets among the world's largest banks
  • One of the six world's leading banks by Standard & Poor's
  • Member of the Big Three in the French banking sector

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51 EUR
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54 EUR
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32 EUR
Financial indicators
46.04B EUR
P / E
40.7B EUR
Net profit
42.96B EUR
The general recommendation of investment banks


Based on the analytics from 27 of the world's largest investment banks over the past 3 months

Forecasted prices

Target price

44.27 EUR

(-14.19% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 27 of the leading investment banks

French BNP Paribas banking group ranks 8th in the world for assets. The company has its representations in 75 countries. The group's chronicle starts in the mid-19th century when the National Bank was founded. Paribas, established thirty years later, was incorporated to it in 2000. The corporation provides services for its private customers (over 30 million) mainly in France, Italy, Luxembourg, and Belgium in their affiliates' offices. One of BNP Paribas profiles lies in the management of the private capital. Companies and state institutions of Asia, Europe and America require its services. As of 2017, the company's net profit was 8.2 billion euros. Its shares are traded on Euronext Paris. Analysts regard BNP Paribas as one of the most stable banking corporations in the world. Its market share could not be shaken even by an embroglio with the USA when the company had to pay a considerable penalty for contravention of sanctions. The promising areas of BNP Paribas operations are based on customer funnel to the currently existing range of services. Specifically, it concerns the retail banking in Mediterranean countries, Turkey, Poland, the western coast of the USA in BNP Paribas affiliates' offices. The network of corporate entities is expected to cover in the near future the entirety of the Asia-Pacific region as well as South America. The African and the Middle Eastern markets still remain untapped.

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