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Shares The Boeing

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216.2 USD
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The Boeing sold by lots comprising 1 pc.
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Why invest in The Boeing?
  • One of the largest aerospace and military equipment manufacturer
  • The largest aerospace company in the US
  • One of the Top 12 manufacturing companies in the US
  • Over $212B market cap as of now

All the time
Recommendations of the largest investment banks
300 USD
Wolfe Research
Robert W. Baird
306 USD
Alembic Global Advisors
Financial indicators
196.92B USD
P / E
96.94B USD
Net profit
17.33B USD

The general public knows an American corporation The Boeing Co. primarily as a manufacturer of civil and military aircraft. Besides that, Boeing is developing new models of military machinery, including overland equipment, components of space stations, and special purpose low-displacement vessels. All of them are equipped with the own-produced engines, manufactured at the plant in Seattle. In terms of defense production volume, the company is the second largest in the world.

The Boeing company initially invested heavily in research and development. One of its recent inventions is a new porous material that is phenomenally light and possesses the metal properties. In the technical field, the company has two priorities – development of low-cost aircraft models and creation of environmentally friendly machinery. The company has patented the technology that protects an aircraft from the shock wave impact; its manufacturing application is upcoming.The market capitalization of the corporation amounts to $97 billion. In 2015-2016, the company was thrown into disorder due to the management alterations, production restructuring, and closure of some facilities; however, by 2017, market disturbances quietened and the stocks demonstrated substantial growth. The net profit of the company amounted to $8.2 billion, despite a slight decrease in the annual turnover. Undoubtedly, the company's stocks are a reliable investment, since for many years it has consistently been among the best aircraft manufacturers in the world.

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