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132.67 $
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Why invest in Apple?
  • One of the world's most valuable companies, with over $1T market cap
  • Invests into 5G mobile network development
  • One of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers
  • 1.50% dividend payouts

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170 $
Monness Crespi & Hardt
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Canaccord Genuity
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Financial indicators
847.43B $
P / E
265.59B $
Net profit
101.84B $
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Based on the analytics from 45 of the world's largest investment banks over the past 3 months

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151.12 $

(13.91% Growth potential)

Based on the data from 45 of the leading investment banks

Apple Inc. is a universally recognized innovative and experimental company that sets technological standards and fashion trends in computer design process. One of the largest corporations in world history was started by two high school classmates, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak. In 1976, the idea of making personal computers encouraged the aspiring entrepreneurs to found their own company, named "Apple" and develop PCs. Big business remained distrustful of the "personal computer" concept, so the sources of funding for the gadgets' manufacturing were rather limited. In the 1980s the company achieved its first commercial success, and in 2018 Apple ranked No.2 valuable trademark after Google. The brand holds leading positions among the most reputable corporations, leaving behind such trade names as Microsoft, Amazon, Visa, and Facebook. Steve Jobs has become an iconic name for a person who started his business in his father's garage, created a universal computer, has become the living American dream. Sometimes Jobs was somewhat mischievous in the company's original products as well as in vigorous advertising slogans promoting the brand. The first Apple computer was even associated with the number of the beast. Jobs chose $666.66 as the retail price for it, saying he just "liked repeated digits" to explain his scandalous trick. Since its establishment, Apple has acquired a lot of mobile and computer software businesses. In 2014 it paid a record $3 billion for Beats Electronics, the US famous audio products manufacturer. Over 115,000 employees are engaged in producing Apple gadgets, computers and accessories. In March 2018 the company representatives reported the best second-quarter earnings in history - Apple's revenues for that financial period amounted to $61.1 billion. It's easy to calculate that the company earns $5,400 per second.

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