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  • Freedom Finance Europe offers only IPOs which duly published their Prospectuses with the SEC

Freedom Finance Europe offers only IPOs which duly published their Prospectuses with the SEC

We are aware of recent article published by BaFin. Every IPO which has been noted by BaFin (Netskope, ExaBeam, Orange SA, Syngenta, Lamborghini, Postmates, SentinelOne and Wintershall DEA) are currently only shown as the Upcoming IPOs. Kindly note that the Upcoming IPOs are provided for information purposes only. No client can participate in its offering up until their Prospectus is duly published by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

All of our Current and Past IPOs which are and were available, comply with current rules and regulations. They are listed within the Current IPOs section. All Prospectuses for IPOs we offer are published and available on SEC’s website. Anyone can examine it should they wish to.

To the best of our knowledge, we always acting within the scope of all rules and regulations prescribed by our Regulator, CySEC and EU Legislation. In respect to the Prospectuses, we have previously eagerly reviewed Announcement published by CySEC and in our understanding, registering of Prospectus applies only when the offer of securities to the public or the admission of securities to trading on a regulated market situated or operating within a Member State, which, provided that the Republic is the home member state.

In our undertaking, since all of IPOs we offer are traded on regulated market in the USA, we did not need to register any Prospectuses.

But in any case, we are willing and able to work closely with BaFin to clarify the concern raised. We always welcome comments from Regulators as it will help us become best in business.