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  • Timur Turlov in an interview with Inside Wirtschaft: "This is a good time to enter the market”

Timur Turlov in an interview with Inside Wirtschaft: "This is a good time to enter the market”

The head of Freedom Holding Corp. Timur Turlov gave a video interview to Manuel Koch of Inside Wirtschaft during a recent trip to Germany. The well-known financial journalist, who has covered Wall Street for many years, is the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular video channel dedicated to the stock market, politics and economics.

The founder of Freedom Finance Europe believes that today the stock market presents many opportunities for investors, despite the difficulties in the global economy and political problems.

"There are many companies now that are very attractive to buy. Many of them are trading much lower than last year and are still very good as a business. But you have to be sure of your investment and do your homework well before you start trading. If you analyse the situation carefully and do not expect quick results, I am sure you will find many opportunities in the stock market", Mr. Turlov said in an interview.

The head of Freedom Holding Corp. said the challenges the global economy has faced in recent years have created barriers to international contacts and complicated business processes. However, they cannot stop digitalisation from changing the world and forcing traditional businesses to evolve.

"Technology makes any industry run more efficiently. The traditional banking system has to change and become more active in adopting innovative technologies, otherwise it will not survive. There is no other way", Mr Turlov said.

It is advanced digital technology that is at the heart of Freedom Finance Europe's success and an important competitive advantage for the company. "We try to be as digital as possible", said the head of the company.

As an example, he mentioned the Tradernet investment platform (known in Europe as Freedom24), which Freedom Finance has developed to provide its clients with direct access to trading on the world's largest exchanges. The company also offers digital banking products and services in Kazakhstan, including mortgage loans, and plans to launch a digital car loan service this year.

Freedom Finance Europe plans to offer its digital banking services to clients in Germany in the future as well.

"I hope that we will be able to get a banking licence here and provide our payment services, develop digital lending solutions such as mortgage loans, instalment loans and other products that we offer in Kazakhstan. Of course, the regulation here is very different, but I hope that by working together with German regulators we will be able to adapt our technology to the German market", he said.