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  • Tourism market recovery: Freedom Finance Europe highlights 5 companies trending upwards

Tourism market recovery: Freedom Finance Europe highlights 5 companies trending upwards

Demand for travel and tourism services continues to increase. Freedom Finance Europe's analysts have highlighted a number of upward-trending travel and tourism companies and recommended which assets to look out for.

In 2022, the tourism sector will begin to recover en masse. This is due to positive expectations of a decline in the incidence of COVID-19. Analysis of search engines has shown that the number of requests for booking airline tickets and tourist trips is increasing.

Our analysts highlighted five companies in the travel industry that have a positive track record and growth prospects:

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL). The cruise company has not lost any of its loyal customers during the pandemic. Cruise tickets for 2022 are already being purchased at a higher cost than before the first restrictions were imposed. In its FY2021 Q3 results report, the cruise company reported revenue of $457 million, up significantly from $33.7 million in 2020. Adjusted loss per share fell to $5.59 from $6.29 a year earlier. The average forecast for the price per share is $100 (up about 31%).

  • American Airlines (AAL). The company is showing growth in the number of tickets sold. Revenue for Q3 2021 was almost $9 billion, a 20% increase over Q2. The pandemic was helped by $5.8 billion in federal support for payrolls. The average share price forecast is $22.40 (up about 42%).

  • Airbnb (ABNB). Offers customers more than 5 million accommodation options in 220 countries. The company's recovery was driven by loosening restrictions that allowed more people and hosts to use Airbnb. The company reported revenue of $2.24 billion in Q3 2021, up 67% year-on-year. The average share price forecast is $195 (up about 41%).

  • The Expedia Group (EXPE). The company provides destination information to travellers as well as options for online accommodation. Expedia sagged badly during the pandemic, but has already shown growth in Q3 2021. Net income in Q3 was $362 million, up significantly from a loss of $221 million in 2020 and closer to the Q3 2019 figure of $409 million. The average share price guidance is $203 (up about 18.7%).

  • Las Vegas Sands (LVS). The entertainment giant includes casinos, hotels and convention centres. Revenue for Q3 2021 rose 92% to $857m, but it also posted a net loss of $368m. It is worth noting that the company had a Q3 2021 balance of $1.64bn. The average share price forecast is $52 (up about 23.8%).