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  • Freedom Finance Europe analysts have featured the 4 hottest IPOs of 2022 in Business Insider

Freedom Finance Europe analysts have featured the 4 hottest IPOs of 2022 in Business Insider

Maxim Manturov, the head of investment advice at Freedom Finance Europe, highlighted four of the most promising IPOs of 2022. According to preliminary estimates, two of them could reach a valuation of $50bn.

The list of IPOs with a detailed commentary by Maxim Manturov was published in Business Insider—one of the leading business "new media":

"2022 will undoubtedly see several exciting and high-profile initial public offerings in the market. After an important year of growth for many organizations, industry leaders are looking to ramp up their expansion efforts by going public. Global IPO volumes were up 64% in 2021, and initial public offerings are expected to increase by around 67% more in 2022".

Among the most anticipated IPOs of 2022, Maxim Manturov singled out the following:

  • Stripe. The company offers a payment service for online businesses. In December 2021, Stripe announced the launch of Stripe Treasury, a service offering APIs for embedding financial services. In addition, the company ranked among the top 12 most promising start-ups of 2021. Stripe can be used in 120 countries.

  • Instacart. An online service offering grocery delivery services. It is currently ranked third in the US after Walmart and Amazon. The sophisticated logistics system already works with over 400 retailers with a reach of over 30,000 shops. The latest capitalization estimate for Instacart is $39 billion; at IPO, this amount could rise to $50 billion.

  • Databricks. A large IT company that works with data warehouses. It offers users an open and unified platform for data storage and artificial intelligence. Databricks has over 5000 users. Notable clients include CVS Health, Comcast, Condé Nast and Nationwide. Databricks could be capitalized at $35-50bn by the time of its IPO.

  • Discord. The free messenger service, Discord, became popular with the onset of pandemic restrictions. Millions of users worldwide gained access to voice and video conferencing through it. The platform's audience exceeded 140 million users. In 2021, Microsoft tried to buy the company, but Discord management rejected the offer and started preparing for an IPO.