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  • Timur Turlov Talks for Verslo Žinios: Lithuania Meets a New Broker

Timur Turlov Talks for Verslo Žinios: Lithuania Meets a New Broker

Freedom Finance Europe's expansion to Lithuania aroused genuine interest both in the banking sector and among local journalists. Timur Turlov, CEO at Freedom Holding Corp., delivered a long speech for Verslo Žinios, a leading business publication in Lithuania.

During the interview, Turlov noted that Freedom Finance is actively expanding, which includes working in 16 more European countries, Lithuania being among them.

Justinas Gapšys, the interviewer, mentioned that people in Lithuania are not that much interested in stock market investments, and asked whether Freedom Finance are aware of this risk.

"We started working in Russia and Kazakhstan 12 years ago", Turlov answered, "where the things were much worse than currently in Lithuania. Over the past decade, however, over 10M people became retail investors, and this number is growing on a daily basis."

Freedom Holding Corp's CEO assumes to get around 100,000 client accounts in Lithuania over the following 12 months. Access to US, EU and Asian stock markets is a great advantage of Freedom24 platform, while IPO trading is an additional competitive edge. Freedom Finance's analysts offer only IPOs with the greatest potential,

the most successful among the previous ones being Airbnb and Doordash. Among the upcoming IPOs, there is Robinhood, a famous US based broker that is going public in late July. Over the last ten years, the average IPO yield after lockup amounted to 64%.

Meanwhile, Timur Turlov also commented on the trading commissions: "I believe Freedom24's pricing is average, as it is neither much higher nor lower than that of our competition. The clients, however, do have access to detailed analysis and reports in most European languages. We provide reliable service, with the accounts being protected against any data leaks. Finally, we provide IPO trading, which is quite rare among stock brokers."

Freedom24 investors are the only and rightful owners of their assets: they can take part in shareholder meetings and voting, as well as receive dividends.