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IPO Instacart

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About Company

Some media sources report that Instacart and Robinhood negotiated an IPO launch in 2021 with investment banks.

Instacart is a renowned online grocery delivery service. Founded back in 2012, it currently works with over 500 retail stores and 40,000 outlets, including such online stores as Publix, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Sprouts.

Due to the pandemic, the number of customers increased to 75,000 in 2020, most of the new customers becoming loyal ones. Walmart, another globally known company, is the main competition of Instacart.

Pre-IPO Financial Performance

In 2020, according to a Bloomberg report, Instacart's total amount of sales reached $35B. It is ranked third after Walmart and Amazon by popularity among the grocery delivery services. In August 2020, the company's sales rose by 234% compared to the same period last year, as Second Measure reports. Q3 in 2021 showed a 30% higher result than Q3 in 2020.

The latest investment round, which occurred in 2020, brought $225M to Instacart.

The investor list includes the following companies:

  • Tiger Global Management;
  • G Squared;
  • Dragoneer Investment Group;
  • Kleiner Perkins;
  • Thrive Capital;
  • Canaan Partners;
  • DST Global;
  • Sequoia Capital.

Since its inception, the company raised $2.17B. As of October 2020, Instacart is valued at $17.71B, with an approximate stock price of $60 per share. Ahead of the IPO, however, the value may well increase to $30B.

IPO Date

Instacart is postponing its initial public offering until 2022-2023, focusing on the development and promotion of grocery delivery services. 

IPO Instacart and Target Market

With more capital raised and the IPO, Instacart will get even more boost. Even in case the profits and the number of customers do not go up that much after the lockdown is over, there are still opportunities to earn with ads and partnerships.

The online delivery market is currently worth at least $1T, having increased by 10% during the pandemic. This is almost three times more than in 2019.

According to the Data Insight analysis, the ecommerce market might be growing by 33.29% annually until 2024. Without taking the pandemic into account, it is less, 26.60% per annum, but that's still a very good number.

Currently, Instacart offers monthly and annual subscriptions to every customer, with the prices ranging from$9.99 to $99.00. The commission paid by the partner stores amounts to 10% of the goods purchased.

How to invest in IPO Instacart?

Interested in investing in IPO Instacart? Instacart is currently a non-public company. We will notify you if a securities prospectus is issued and there is an opportunity to buy Instacart stocks.

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