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Participate in IPO

  • Invest in US and European initial public offerings (IPOs).
  • Buy stocks at the initial price before the start of trading.
  • Make money by selling them once they are listed on the exchange and the lock-up period expires – prices can grow by tens or even hundreds of percent!
* Capital loss risk

Past IPOs

Why Freedom Finance?

A rigorous selection of IPO

Our analysts carefully study the issuer's business indicators and analyze the market environment. Therefore, out of all IPOs - we offer the most promising ones.

The minimal entry threshold

Previously, only large investors with several million dollars were allowed to participate in IPO. We have reduced the participation amount for our clients to $2,000

A unique opportunity in Europe

We are one of the few European companies who provides access to the US companies IPOs for retail investors. Join now!

How does it work?


A collection of application

Our analysts choose promising IPOs. We inform our clients, send analytical materials with recommendations, and provide advice on relevant questions. You then have a few days to submit your application for participation in the IPO.


Buying stocks

In the client's personal account, you submit a trading request to purchase the issuer's securities for the desired amount. We form one collective application and send it to the underwriter.


Start of trading

Usually, with the start of public trading on the stock exchange, the stock price begins to rise. It is heated up by traders who did not participate in the IPO. There is a lock-up period — a 93-day ban on selling stocks purchased during the IPO.


Period of trading

During the lock-up period, you can fix the price using a forward contract. This usually costs 10-15% of the current stock price.


Trade closing

At the end of the lock-up period, you can manage your stocks at your own discretion — leave them in the portfolio or sell them. Congratulations on your investment and we look forward to the next IPO!

How to participate in IPO?

1. Open an account

To participate in IPO, an investment account must be opened. If you don't have one, open it now.

Open New Account

2. Deposit funds to your account

To take part in IPO, your investment account should have funds of not less than $2,000. Deposit funds to your account with a convenient way - a bank transfer or a card.

3. Submit a request

In the client's personal account, submit a request to purchase the issuer's stocks by selecting the company's Ticker. Enter the desired amount of participation and confirm the transaction.

Delivered to email!

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