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  • 1. By clicking the “Pay” button on the website (the Website), the user of the Website (the User) confirms that he/she has read Terms of use of E-stores, fully agreed with them and intends to conclude a transaction for the purchase of financial instruments with pre-selected parameters: name of financial instrument, quantity in pcs, price per pc, and settlement preferences (the Parameters).
  • 2. The User confirms that by paying for the selected securities on the Website, he/she is not a client of Freedom Finance Cyprus Ltd. (the Company).
  • 3. To conclude a transaction and make a settlement on a transaction (payment and delivery of securities), the User of the Website must go through the appropriate KYC procedure (Know Your Customer) and open a personal investment (client) account in the Company (the Account). Only after passing the KYC procedure and opening an Account, the securities will be credited at the previously fixed price.
  • 4. The Company hereby declares, and the User agrees, that by transferring funds for the conclusion of a transaction of purchase and sale of securities, the Company does not start providing financial services until the fulfilment of p.3 of this document. In case if the KYC procedure is not successfully passed, the funds will be returned to the User in accordance with Terms of use of E-stores
  • 5. After the transfer of funds, the Company is obligated to send the User an information letter to the e-mail, specified by the User, confirming their receipt.
  • 6. This document is a summary of Terms of use of E-stores and is provided exclusively for the convenience of the User. The official language of the legally binding documents drawn up by the Company is English. In the event of a discrepancy or a dispute between the English text of the document and its translation into another language, the English text shall prevail.
  • 7. The Company hereby notifies that the market value of securities may vary in one direction or another and on the day of the crediting of securities their market value may differ both upwards or downwards from their purchase value. Also, we hereby inform you that if the value of the security selected and paid for on the Website has decreased or increased by 5% or more, from the moment of fixation and payment until the opening of the Account, a transaction will not be concluded, of which a corresponding email notification will be sent.
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