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A New IPO with 30% Profit Potential

The investors are delighted with the market again, thanks to new promising IPO's! Today, we're announcing that Burning Rock Biotech Limited, a Chinese biotech company, will be launching an IPO. This could be a good opportunity to capitalize on the Chinese economy, which is currently recovering after the pandemic.

Burning Rock Biotech Limited creates tests for various cancer type detection based on the next generation sequencing (NGS). Unlike traditional sequencing, this method enables "reading" multiple genome parts at the same time. As such, NGS allows one to detect tumors on the gene level and see which genetic components trigger tumor initiation and progress. Based on the test results provided by the company, the physicians will then select the most suitable therapy.

Burning Rock Biotech Limited is launching its IPO on the NASDAQ on June 11, the starting price per one BNR share being between $13.50 and $15.50.

You can apply to trade BNR IPO before Wed June 10, 7:00 pm UTC+2.

Why Trade Burning Rock Biotech?

Reason 1: Leader in NGS Testing

According to China Insights Consultancy, BNR is the largest Chinese company in NGS-based cancer detection, with the market share of 26.70%.

The company works with both large and small hospitals, its products being used by over 4,000 physicians and 602 medical institutions throughout China.

Reason 2: No Debt

In 2019, BNR earned $53.90M, which is 83% more than it did in 2018. Meanwhile, EBIT went up by 63%, and there is no debt.

Reason 3: Large Potential Market of $4.5B

According to China Insights Consultancy, in 2019, there were around 4.50M incidences of cancer, which is twice as higher than in the US. CIC also expects the NGS market to rise by 1,400% by 2030.

Reason 4: Shareholder Interest

The shareholders, such as Quantum Boundary Holdings Limited, Northern Light Venture Capital III, etc., are ready to buy out 53% of the total number of shares in the IPO.


With all factors taken into account, Freedom Finance analysts are expecting Burning Rock Biotech equity to reach $2.113B, which is 30% more than the IPO estimate. The target price per share is thus $20.20, with the growth potential of 30% (as of the IPO price high at $15.50).

How to Trade on an IPO

You can apply before Wed June 10, 7:00 pm (UTC+2). In order to trade on an IPO, you need an investment account with Freedom Finance. If you are an existing Freedom Finance client, log into your account  to start trading.

If you have no investment account yet, open one now : this can be done remotely in just 10 minutes. 

Why Freedom Finance?

Reason 1: We Pick Only the Best IPO's

Out of all IPO's in the market, we pick only those that could yield the best results. Since 2012, we have invited our clients to trade on 96 IPO's, with an average yield of 48% after the 93-day lock up. A good track record, isn't it?

Reason 2: Minimum Investment Amount

Before, only the investors having a few million dollars were allowed to trade IPO's. Our clients can now participate with $2,000.

Reason 3: A Unique Opportunity for European Retail Clients

We are one of the few EU-based brokers offering access to the US companies' IPO's to our clients. Don't miss your chance!

Apply to Trade BNR IPO

*Investment in stocks and other financial instruments may result in loss of capital. Past investment results do not guarantee future returns. The forecasts are not reliable indicator of future performance.