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+99% in a Single Day, and a New IPO: Vroom

ZoomInfo stock skyrocketed by 99.5%, while Pliant by 56.3% on the first trading day. Our congratulations to the investors!

As for Warner Music Group IPO trading, our management decided to opt out, as the risks for the clients are too high, with the IPO date postponed, the underwriter confusion, etc. This is market, where everything can happen. For those why applied to trade this IPO, we have credited the locked amount back to the account.

Our analysts have a new IPO you might be interested in: this is Vroom, an online used car dealer, with a 31% growth potential. Vroom is launching its IPO as VRM in the NASDAQ on June 9, with the starting price between $18 and $20 per share, and the approximate size of $300M. Goldman Sachs, BofA Securities, Allen & Co., and Wells Fargo will act as underwriters.

You can apply to trade Vroom IPO before Monday, June 8, 15:00 (UTC+2).

Why Trade Vroom IPO?

Reason 1: A Full Service Online Dealer

With Vroom, one can buy or sell a car, as well as repair it and get it insured. When buying a used car, one gets full vehicle details and a 90-day warranty. The company also offers loan services by any of the 12 supported banks, as well as shipping within the US. When selling a car through Vroom, the seller avoids the underpricing by local dealers and saves time. The company's flagship product is an online platform that enables all the above processes.

Reason 2: Fast Earnings Growth

In 2019, the company earnings amounted to $1.10B, while in Q1 2020, it rose by 60%, and the online sales were boosted by 159%.

Reason 3: The Largest Consumer Market

In 2019, the used car market was worth $841B. This is the largest consumer goods market, having risen by 21% over the last three years. The auto sales industry has over 42,000 dealers, with the e-commerce share currently being just 0.9%.


With all risks taken into account, Freedom Finance analysts are expecting the Vroom equity to reach $2.580 M, with the price at $23.40 per share, which is 31% more.

How to Trade on an IPO

You can apply to trade Vroom IPO before Monday, June 8, 15:00 (UTC+2). In order to trade on an IPO, you need an investment account with Freedom Finance.

If you are already a Freedom Finance client, just log into your account to start trading.

If you don't have a Freedom Finance account yet, we recommend you opening it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may miss it, as there are less than two days left before the IPO, while the account verification process after opening and funding it may take more than one business day.

Why Freedom Finance?

Reason 1: We Pick Only the Best IPO's

Out of all IPO's in the market, we pick only those that could yield the best results. Since 2012, we have invited our clients to trade on 96 IPO's, with an average yield of 48% after the 93-day lock up. A good track record, isn't it?

Reason 2: Minimum Investment Amount

Before, only the investors having a few million dollars were allowed to trade IPO's. Our clients can now participate with $2,000.

Reason 3: A Unique Opportunity for European Retail Clients

We are one of the few EU-based brokers offering access to the US companies' IPO's to our clients. Don't miss your chance!

Apply to Trade VRM IPO

*Investment in stocks and other financial instruments may result in loss of capital. Past investment results do not guarantee future returns. The forecasts are not reliable indicator of future performance.