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New IPO with 35% profit potential

Pliant Therapeutics, a US biopharm company developing new methods for internal and skin fibrosis treatment, is launching its IPO in the NASDAQ on June 2. The starting PLRX price is between $14 and $16 per share. You can apply to trade before today, June 1, 7:00 pm.

Freedom Finance analysts admit the Pliant Therapeutics stock may rise by 35% by the 93-day lockup end. What is this IPO good for? Read on.

Why Trade Pliant Therapeutics?

Reason 1: Innovative Treatment Methods

Pliant Therapeutics and Novartis, a Swiss-based pharma company, are working on medical drugs to cure fibrosis, a kind of cirrhosis that leads to the internal parts and skin cicatrizing and damaging. These small molecule drugs activate TGF-Beta-1 proteins when the tissue is damaged; this stimulates collagen and leads to incarnation. The company management says these drugs are both more powerful and safer than the similar drugs developed by others.

Reason 2: No Debt

The company earned $29M in Q1, with the net profit at $11M. Pliant Therapeutics has no debt, with the current balance at $113.30M.

Reason 3: Large Potential Market of $5B

As per, $2B were spent on lung fibrosis treatment in 2018, while it could reach $5.20B by 2026. One of the greatest risk factor for fibrosis is aging; according to the UN, the number of people aged 60+ will rise from 901M in 2015 to 1.40B in 2030.

Reason 4: High Demand

Novartis, Pliant's shareholder and partner, is interested in buying shares worth up to $10M at the IPO price. Other potential stakeholders include Third Rock Ventures, Eventide Asset Management LLC, Redmile Biopharma Investments II, Cowen Healthcare Investments, and BioMedical Research. This might well boost the price per share.


According to Freedom Finance analysis, Pliant Therapeutics may be potentially worth $673M, taking into account all factors, which is 35% more than the pre-IPO assessment. The target price per share is thus $21,50, while the growth potential is 35% (as of the IPO price high at $16).

How to Trade on an IPO

You can apply before today, June 1, 7:00 pm (UTC+2). In order to trade on an IPO, you need an investment account with Freedom Finance. 

If you are already a Freedom Finance client, just log into your account to start trading.

If you don't have a Freedom Finance account yet, we recommend you opening it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may miss it, as there are less than two days left before the IPO, while the account verification process after opening and funding it may take more than one business day.

Why Freedom Finance?

Reason 1: We Pick Only the Best IPO's

Out of all IPO's in the market, we pick only those that could yield the best results. Since 2012, we have invited our clients to trade on 96 IPO's, with an average yield of 48% after the 93-day lock up. A good track record, isn't it?

Reason 2: Minimum Investment Amount

Before, only the investors having a few million dollars were allowed to trade IPO's. Our clients can now participate with $2,000.

Reason 3: A Unique Opportunity for European Retail Clients

We are one of the few EU-based brokers offering access to the US companies' IPO's to our clients. Don't miss your chance!

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