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  • Freedom Finance Recommendations: 12 Stocks for an Investment Portfolio in 2021-2022
Max Manturov

Max Manturov

Head of investment research regulated by CySec

Freedom Finance Recommendations: 12 Stocks for an Investment Portfolio in 2021-2022

What do I invest into? How many sharers should I buy? These are typical beginner investors' questions they ask first and foremost. Freedom Finance analysts have released new recommendations for building a balanced investment portfolio, which are based on all risk management requirements. The portfolio consists of 12 large companies from various industries, with an expected yield of 23.50% in USD.

This portfolio is an excellent basis for any risky financial transactions, such as IPO trading or buying stocks based on investment ideas; so, this means that these tips will be relevant for experienced investors as well.

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Entry Price: $519
Target Price: $630
Projected Yield: 21.39%
Position size: 9%

Nvidia (NVDA.US) is a world's leading company in designing and manufacturing GPU's, media processors, and chipsets. The company's products are used in mobile devices, game consoles, personal computers, and supercomputers. With the pandemic, Nvidia got an advantage, as it sees a significant demand for its graphic cards. The demand got boosted with the increased interest in video games as an alternative to other entertaining activities, and a larger data center load with more entertaining content coming in. The company is likely to continue rising in the next few years thanks to the next gen graphic card release, which will have most users update their PC's. The company is also aimed at its further market presence expansionm in terms of data processing centers, which currently account for 40% of Nvidia's earnings. In addition, Nvidia announced the acquisition of Arm in September 2020, which will both support the current position of the company and provide its an opportunity to enter new computing markets.

Buy Nvidia Shares >>

Freedom Holding Corp.

Entry Price: $50.50
Target Price: $60
Projected Yield: 18.81%
Position size: 7.50%

Freedom Finance (FRHC.US) is an international holding company providing investment services, which includes retail securities brokerage, investment consulting, corporate, banking, and underwriting services. The company has offices catering to the customers in the EU and other countries, all posting good and stable results. In the first six months of FY 2021, the company's earnings went up by more than 102.60%, while the net profit margin reached 35.90%. One of Freedom Holding Corp's core services includes providing access to IPO trading for retail investors. With the IPO boom, the company continues its European expansion and is increasing its brokerage market share in the countries of presence. This could become a stock price driver moving forward.

Buy Freedom Holding Corp. Shares >>

The Boeing Company

Entry Price: $216
Target Price: $320
Projected Yield: 48.15%
Position size: 7.50%

The Boeing Company (BA.US) is the world's largest manufacturer of aviation, space, and military equipment. Headquartered in the US, the company is one of the twelve largest industrial corporations in the country, being among the big three manufacturers of weapons and military equipment. It is also one of the leading contractors of the US military industrial complex in terms of the annual order amount. The pandemic and the 737 MAX issues were a severe blow to the Boeing aviation segment, with the revenue going down by 54% since early this year. However, some positive news was released in November, with Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine probably coming soon and Boeing 737 Max operation allowed again. With this in mind, the company has a chance to recover its financial position and reach its pre-crisis level next year. Thanks to this news, Boeing stock managed to somewhat recover; however, there is still some room upside potential, as the international flights are yet to get restored.

Buy The Boeing Company Shares >>

Booking Holdings

Entry Price: $2,136
Target Price: $2,500
Projected Yield: 17.04%
Position size: 7.50%

Booking Holdings (BKNG.US) owns, one of the largest online hotel, restaurant, and related service booking platform. With its online travel companies, connects customers that are willing book a trip with travel service providers across the globe. The pandemic had a great impact on the travel business, which of course affected Booking Holdings' earnings. The company's record loss in 10 years was, however, not as large as the consensus suggested. At the same time, the travel market started recovering since July 2020, backed by the news on the COVID-19 vaccine. Once the lockdown is lifted, there might be a lot of hype in the travel market, allowing Booking to restore what it lost in 2020. On the other hand, the temporary international travel issues contributed to the demand being re-oriented, with people starting to travel within their country or region for a short time. The travel market is expected to continue recovering in 2021, which means Booking Holdings stock price may continue rising ext year.

Buy Booking Holdings Shares >>


Entry Price: $512
Target Price: $630
Projected Yield: 23.05%
Position size: 9%

Netflix (NFLX.US) is one of the leaders in the streaming market, having a huge content base and millions of users around the world. The pandemic helped Netflix to increase its paying user base by 28.10M, with which the paying audience amounted to 195M in late Q3 2020. By 2024, this number is expected to reach 300M. During the pandemic, most people changed their consumer behavior and got new habits, which includes those related to viewing website content. In October, Netflix increased its subscription prices in North America, which may help increase the company's earnings without any significant churn. The company is expected to continue growing its audience, while maintaining its current achievements.

Buy Netflix Shares >>

Domino’s Pizza

Entry Price: $400
Target Price: $440
Projected Yield: 10.00%
Position size: 7.50%

Domino’s Pizza (DPZ.US) is a US based company operating the world's largest pizza chain. The company works in 85 countries and includes 15,900 restaurants selling over 3M pizzas per day. Domino's business model helped it easily overcome the pandemic, being re-focused on delivery and takeaway. With active online sales, backing the business during the COVID-19 outbreak was not that complicated. Meanwhile, the company is planning to expand its presence in China, which already led to acquiring a non-controlling stake in Shanghai Dash Brands Ltd. in Q2 2020; this may also boost the company stock price. Thus, Domino's is expected to continue rising in terms of its earnings and business margin in 2021.

Buy Domino’s Pizza Shares >>

MGM Resorts International Company

Entry Price: $31
Target Price: $38
Projected Yield: 22.58%
Position size: 5%

MGM Resorts International Company (MGM.US) is an entertainment holding consisting of 29 unique hotels and gaming centers in the US and Macau, which includes Bellagio, MGM Grand, ARIA, Park MGM, and other renowned brands. Luxury hotels and casinos suffered a lot because of the lockdown this year. MGM Resort was no exception, with the earnings decreasing by 62%, and the net loss reaching $585M, year to date. However, despite the negative results, the vaccine news may help the company's financial indicators recover next year. Besides, MGM has a substantial liquidity cushion of $7.76B, which also includes $3.17B in revolving credit, as of late Q3 2020. The company's debt is at around $11.50B, but the maturity is mostly in 2024, while the next one is in 2022 ($1B). This means that, even though the lockdown lift does not come in time, MGM's financial position is fine to survive this period.

In addition to optimizing operations, MGM Resort started developing BetMGM, an online sports betting platform and an online casino, which may help the company grow in the midterm. MGM says the online casino and betting market might reach $20.30B by 2025, with the company expecting to take a 15% to 20% share. This, overall, can boost the financial results next year.

Buy MGM Resorts International Company Shares >>

Entry Price: $223
Target Price: $280
Projected Yield: 25.56%
Position size: 8% (CRM.US) is a US based company focused on developing a CRM system that is provided to the customers based on a SaaS model. As, the company also provides a PaaS system for self-service application development, while it also offers a cloud-based database management system as

In early December, Salesforce announced its intention to acquire Slack, an enterprise messenger, for a $27.70B. Slack shareholders are to receive $26.79 in cash and 0.0776 Salesforce shares for each Slack share. When the news got released, Salesforce stock dropped by 10%, as the acquisition price was high. Despite this, Slack integration will improve the existing Salesforce ecosystem, as the platform users will be able to easily communicate and exchange customer information. This kind of a merger is expected to help maintain the Salesforce cloud platform in the CRM market. In case the acquisition is a success and Slack gets integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem, the stock price may not only recover, but also continue rising.

Buy Shares >>

Gap Inc

Entry Price: $20.50
Target Price: $30
Projected Yield: 46.34%
Position size: 5%

Gap Inc (GPS.US) is the largest clothing retailer in the US, with a chain of stores in many other countries. The company offers clothing, accessories, and personal care products for men, women, and children under Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and other brands.

Like most apparel retailers, Gap faced a significant decline in earnings and a large loss in the first six months of the year. However, in Q3 2020, the situation improved, as the company was able to adjust to the new conditions due to a significant increase in online sales. Meanwhile, the management adopted a new development strategy until 2023, which includes further boosting online sales, closing unprofitable stores, promoting Old Navy, Atletha, and Banana Republic sales, and optimizing costs.

Despite the lockdown, the company was able to maintain a stable financial position with a moderate debt burden: the debt amounts to only $2.20B, with the liquidity at $2.60B. As such, the company is quite fine for implementing the new strategy, while its shares may become a good addition to your portfolio.

Buy Gap Inc Shares >>

Brookfield Renewable

Entry Price: $41.80
Target Price: $70
Projected Yield: 67.46%
Position size: 7.50%

Brookfield Renewable (BEP.US) is one of the global leaders in renewable energy production. The company's portfolio includes wind, solar, and hydropower facilities, with a total capacity of 19,300 MW, totaling to 5,301 generating facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

With the negative news around global warming, the renewable energy industry is gaining popularity, especially with Joe Biden's victory, which means the entire industry may receive additional support in the next few years.

Meanwhile, the cost of solar and wind energy has significantly dropped over the recent years, which makes the renewable energy sources more attractive compared to traditional fossil resources. Brookfield Renewable is actively expanding its asset portfolio against this news, which includes the acquisition of TerraForm in July 2020, bringing BR's assets to over $52B.

Thus, Brookfield Renewable has a significant potential over the next few years, as it is actively increasing its energy market share, while maintaining a good financial position.

Buy Brookfield Renewable Shares >>

Alibaba Group

Entry Price: $220
Target Price: $340
Projected Yield: 54.55%
Position size: 9%

Alibaba Group (BABA.US) is a Chinese publicly traded e-commerce company, which owns,, Tmall, and a number of other ecommerce websites, which mostly target B2B and online retail markets. The company is also an owner of one of the world's largest cloud computing infrastructures, as well as media and entertainment assets.

In October, it was announced that Alibaba's subsidiary fintech company, Ant Group, would suspend its IPO, as some anti monopoly measures affected the Chinese tech giants. Amidst this negative news, Alibaba Group shares fell by more than 20%, with the investors overvaluing the risks associated with the company's future and growth rates. This may become a good buying opportunity,

as Alibaba is expected to gradually recover next year. The company has some room for an upside potential indeed, partly thanks to its market share increase and expansion. In addition, Ant Group's IPO is still possible, and that may allow Alibaba to capitalize on its investment activities.

Buy Alibaba Group Shares >>


Entry Price: $22.40
Target Price: $30.00
Projected Yield: 33.93%
Position size: 7.50%

Jets (JETS.US) is an exchange traded fund (ETF) that invests into US and global airline companies' stocks, as well as into the aircraft manufacturers and companies that provide airport and terminal services. With the COVID-19 vaccine coming soon, the purchase of ETF JETS may be particularly relevant.

The ETF price has already somewhat recovered compared to the pre-crisis levels. However, the full recovery should be expected after the lockdown measures are lifted and the international air traffic is restored, i.e. some time in 2021.

Buy Jets Shares >>

How to Buy Stocks?

There are two ways to do that:

1. Freedom24 Web Platform: In the “Web terminal” section, type the company ticker in the search box and select the company you are looking for from the search results. Then, open a secure session in the trading window on the right, select the number of shares you want to buy, and click Buy.

2. Freedom24 iPhone or Android App: Go to the Price screen and tab the search icon in the top right corner. In the search dialog that shows up, start typing the company ticker and select the company you are looking for in the search results. The stock of your choice will be added to the Market Watch. Tap it and go to the Order tab in the dialog that shows up. Specify the number of shares you want to buy and click Buy.

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*Additional information is available upon request. Investment in securities and other financial instruments always involves risks of capital loss. The Client should make himself aware at his own accord, including to familiarize himself with Risk Disclosure Notice. Opinions and estimates constitute our judgment as of the date of this material and are subject to change without notice. Commissions, fees or other charges can diminish financial returns. Past performance is not indicative of future results. This material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. The opinions and recommendations herein do not take into account individual client circumstances, objectives, or needs and do not constitute an investment advice service. The recipient of this report must make their own independent decisions regarding any securities or financial instruments mentioned herein. Information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable by Freedom Finance Cyprus Ltd or its affiliates and/or subsidiaries (collectively Freedom Finance). Freedom Finance do not warrant its completeness or accuracy except with respect to any disclosures relative to the Freedom Finance and/or its affiliates and the analyst’s involvement with the issuer that is the subject of the research. All pricing is indicative as of the close of market for the securities discussed, unless otherwise stated.

  • Sources of information

  • Recommendation Evaluation Methodology
    Freedom Finance analysts perform a three-stage analysis. They select a promising industry based on the latest news, statistics and industry-specific metrics. They assess the supply and demand situation and its future development dynamics. Industry’s investment attractiveness is mostly affected by the forecasted market growth rates; total addressable market, player concentration level and likeliness of a monopoly formation, as well as the level of regulation by various entities or associations.

    The assessment is followed by the comparative analysis based on the selected sample. The sample comprises companies with a market capitalization of over USD 1 billion, but there is space for exceptions (when the suitable level of liquidity for company’s securities is available on the stock exchange). The selected companies (peers) are being compared against each other based on multipliers (EV/S, EV/EBITDA, PE, P/FCF, P/B), revenue growth rates, marginality and profitability (operating income margin, net income margin, ROE, ROA), and business performance.

    Having completed the comparative analysis, the analysts carry out a more in-depth research of the news about the selected company. They review company’s development policy, information about its current and potential mergers and acquisitions (M&A activity), and assess the efficiency of company's inorganic growth and other news about it over the past year. The main objective at this stage is to identify the growth drivers and evaluate their stability, as well as the extent of impact they have on the business.

    Based on all the data collected, the analysts determine the weighted forecasted figures of company’s growth rates and proposed business marginality, which are used to calculate the company’s multiplier-based estimated value. The said value enables setting the stock price target and stock value growth potential.

    The expected timing of the idea implementation is set depending on the current market situation, volatility level and available forecasting horizon for industry and company development. The forecasting period is normally set between 3 and 12 months.