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Stocks: what are they?

Stocks are securities that are traded on the exchange. By purchasing stocks, you become a co-owner of the company that issued them.

Why do companies issue stocks?

Companies issue stocks to get funding for development. The business grows, profit increases and shareholders get richer.

Why do people buy stocks?

People buy stocks in order to make money from dividends and security growth.

How to make money on stocks?

Option I: Exchange difference


Choose stocks with good growth potential. Financial analysts evaluate this by studying a company’s business performance.


Add your desired stocks to your cart, pay by card, and open an investment account. open an investment account


Wait for the price to rise. This may not happen immediately. At the initial stage, stock prices are likely to drop. Don’t panic and sell them, as this will result in a loss that could have been avoided. The market works in the favor of investors who are patient.


Get dividends for the time you own the stocks, providing the company pays them. Your investment account will be credited with the dividend amount within four weeks of the shareholder register being closed. Track closing dates on your calendar.


Sell stocks (in whole or in part) when the price rises. This can be done through our member area.


Money made from selling a stock gets transferred into your investment account.


Buy more stocks or withdraw the money as you see fit.


Purchase price

184,46 $

at opening price 03.12.2018

Sale price

258,31 $

at opening price 03.12.2019

Exchange rate growth:


Option II: Dividends



Select stocks, that pay stable dividends over a long period of time.


Purchase those stocks.


Wait for the dividends to be paid. US companies usually pay dividends to shareholders once per quarter. Dividends will be credited to your brokerage account within four weeks of the dividend pay-out decision.



3,04 $ per share

Annual profit:

(258,31 — 184,46) + 3,04


* 100 =


Select stocks
  • Which stocks should I buy?

    Choosing stocks is easy - we’ve gathered all the information for you to make a decision!

    1. Sort stocks in the catalogue by their growth potential.
    2. Analyze investment bank recommendations.
    3. Add your selected stocks to your cart and pay by card.

    You can also subscribe to our mailing list to get investment ideas.

How to Buy Stocks?

Select stocks and add them to your shopping cart
2 min
Pay for your purchase by card
1 min
Register on the website and open an account
7 min

Just 10 minutes and you’re a shareholder!

Select stocks

What if the price of stock drops?

You can, and should, make money on this.

  1. Don't worry – stocks go up and down every second.
  2. Reliable stocks almost always go up in the long run.
  3. Have securities dropped in price? That’s usually a reason to buy more.

Stocks went up in price. What next?

There are four simple steps to profit:

  1. Instruct the broker to sell your stocks.
  2. Instruct the broker to withdraw the money to a bank card.
  3. Wait for the money to come in.
  4. The money is yours! Use it as you please.

Your Money is Secure

Your investments are protected by European legislation and are insured up to 20,000 euros.

Purchased securities are your property. You can get proof of ownership documents.

Freedom Finance is CySEC licenced and fully MiFID II compliant

Business transparency and reliability is confirmed by US NASDAQ stock exchange auditors.

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