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How It Works
Freedom24 gives you the opportunity to trade any available instruments on the major platforms around the world. With us you can:
  • Buy shares of the largest companies in the world directly from our website
  • Register and get access to the trading platform
  • Participate in the best IPOs and invest in reliable stocks and bonds

Convenient, fast and reliable interface Freedom24 trading platform enables access to real-time news feeds and market data, analytical reviews and information exchange with other traders

Stocks are Securities

It assigns to you the right to receive a share of the profit of a joint-stock company, and the right to vote on some major decisions in the shareholder meetings.

Valuable Asset

It assigns to you the right to receive a portion of the profit of the joint-stock company and the right to participate in its management, by means of the shareholder meetings.

Investment Instrument

Like any other asset, stocks can be inherited, sold, given to close relatives, used as collateral, etc.

High Liquidity

A key advantage of stocks is their high liquidity, meaning you can quickly exchange stocks for cash.

What are the key principles of smart investment?


Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Strive to build your investment portfolio of different stocks and companies from different industries and countries of presence.

Long-term investment

People invest in stocks to get income higher than bank deposits, at the expense of a higher level of risk. However, significant trends in stock price changes are observed at an investment horizon of 1 year and above. Aim at these time frames when working with stocks.

Investing, not trading

Experienced traders often make dozens of trades with securities per day and earn income in this way. However, active trading requires a lot of experience, education, and practice. If you are a beginner - start with a medium-term investment: stick to the strategy of buy & hold.

Do not invest 100% of your savings in the stock market

The stock market is a great opportunity to invest in the best and most efficient companies in the world, but it also implies a certain level of risk. As a rule, experts advise to keep up to 25% of your savings in stocks.

Why invest in stocks?

Investing in stocks is a good alternative to a bank deposit, which even allows earning more

From January until December 2017, Michelin stocks grew from €106.50 to €120, Adidas from €77.50 to €100 (more than 25% in one year!), Nestle from CHF 72.50 to CHF 83.50. Growth potential of such companies is exponential. On top of that, most companies offer dividends. In 2017 the average profit from dividends was more than 3%.

How to buy stocks?

Buying stocks is just as easy as purchasing any other goods online.

To become a shareholder, you just need to add stocks to the cart, pay with a bank card, fill in your personal information to open an investment account and send electronically signed documents. After that, we will add stocks to your account.

How fast can I sell stocks?

It is very easy to sell the purchased stocks

You can apply through the Freedom24 trading system, as well as by submitting a request to the company's traders by phone or by e-mail, which can be found in the Contacts section

 Regulation according to MIFID

Regulation according to MIFID

The company is licensed by CySEC for all major activities in the securities market



Safety of payments and storing of securities is ensured by protected communication channels and the use of Tier 1 banks



It is very simple to withdraw funds: after the sale of your securities, we will transfer funds directly to any of your bank accounts

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