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D Accounts with Fixed Income

What Is a D Account?

A D account is a fixed income sub account, which you can open with Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. With a D account, you get 3% per annum in USD, on a daily basis.

Where Does This Income Come from?

Every business day, clients' funds from D-accounts are invested in accordance with client's instructions via currency swap transactions, which yields this fixed income of 3% per annum (subject to rounding).

The interest rate may be changed by the company at any time.

What Is a Currency Swap?

A currency swap is basically two currency exchange transactions, one is selling USD for EUR, with a settlement date on the swap opening day, and the other is buying USD for EUR, with a T+1 settlement date. The profit gained with the second transaction is the income you get on your D account.

D Account Limitations

You cannot trade with your D account, it is only for keeping money.

If you need to make a deposit into your Portfolio Management account or carry out a trade transfer money from your D-account into your trading account - an order is submitted in a couple of clicks and the money arrives instantly.

How to Open a D Account

Starting February 22, 2021, a D-account is automatically created for every client who opens a live account with Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. If you became our client before this date, you can open a D-account yourself.

To do this, log into your account, go to Orders > Account Settings, click New Account, open a secure session, and select D Account from the dropdown list. Confirm the operation, and that's it! Congrats, you've just opened your D account.

You can also open a D account with Freedom24 mobile app. Go to Menu, select Non-Trading Operations, tap Account Settings > New Account, open a secure session, and select D Account from the dropdown list. Your new D account will get opened automatically once you confirm the operation.

Your D account is linked to your main trading account. You can locate it with the D suffix it has before the six-digit trading account number.

How to Fund Your D Account

You can fund your D-account through any available payment method, such as with credit card, wire transfer, or transfer between trading accounts.

Open a D account and get 3% per annum on your USD balance!

Open Your D Account >>