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How to Find out the Shares Value

There are public stocks or enterprises and over-the-counter ones. In the first case shares are listed on one or more stock exchanges (for example, on the LSE), in the second case securities pass from hand to hand privately (it usually occurs before the IPO). How do you find out the value of shares in this or that case?

How to find out the shares value of a company that entered the stock exchanges?

A company that has listed shares on stock exchanges is a ‘public’ one. Stock exchanges are floors for selling and purchasing shares relatively secure. The largest European exchanges are the London Stock Exchange (LSE, Great Britain) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB, Germany), in the USA it is the NYSE and NASDAQ, in Asia - the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Quotations of one and same share may differ on various exchanges (not least because of the difference in exchange rates).

As a rule, all brokerage firms have access to many exchanges throughout the world and provide their customers with electronic access to the trading systems. By means of the Freedom24 trading system, you can receive quotes of stock prices online and make transactions with securities listed on all worlds major exchanges.