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How to Trade Shares on Internet

When speaking of stock trading, the average reader thinks of the New York Stock Exchange, the famous Wall Street, and also of large halls filled to the brim with people sitting in front of the monitors. According to many, the stock exchange and the stock trading look like this.

In fact, it is not that complicated. It has been long since investors (traders) started selling and purchasing shares through the Internet, from any corner of the world and at any time of the day. To do this, you do not need to live the comfort of your home, open accounts and sign contracts with shareholders.

How and where one may trade shares on the Internet?

An ordinary person (and a company - a legal entity) needs only to sign an agreement with a broker and open an account with the depository to gain an access to the exchange. A broker is a professional participant of the exchange, and he has the only right to execute transactions on behalf of the client. Nevertheless, the shares are registered with his clients, and they decide whether to sell or purchase, receive dividends or compensation, if the company goes bankrupt.

After you sign the contract, you need to install special software (a terminal), get access data for the broker service, and log in.

All this will take little time: at least one day you will spend on setting the formalities and another day on mastering new programs and services.

How to purchase shares individually?

When all the formalities are met, and the trading software is mastered, you may proceed with the purchase of shares. How to buy shares online? It's simple! You will need to submit your login and password for authorization on the trading terminal Freedom24. This data is provided by the broker when concluding a service contract.

With the help of the Freedom24 terminal you can track market prices for shares of various companies, analyze in real-time mode and select for yourself those securities that, in your opinion, are the most promising. Through the trading terminal you can buy as well as sell shares.

How to purchase shares easier?

A couple of years ago, there were no services where you could purchase shares without going to the broker's office and installing complex software. Now there is Freedom24.com. It is the service of the FFinEU Investments Limited broker.

Freedom24.com operates as an ordinary online store: it has ‘showcases’ providing information on the actions of each company, ‘baskets’ and round-the-clock online support. The service has even canceled the ‘barrier to entry’.

To get started in the Freedom24 trading system, you need to register, fill out a small questionnaire, remotely sign an enrolment agreement and confirm the phone number by SMS and e-mail. The whole process will take about 20-30 minutes.

How to earn money in shares on the Internet?

Alas, only few see real promise of profit. There are absolutely opposite opinions. Some believe that with 10,000 euros in your pocket, you can earn in shares enough money to buy a car or an apartment in a year. Others are skeptical and believe that this is a waste of money. Neither these nor the others are right.

Yes, history knows examples of thousands of dollars that have become millions, and millions that have turned into thousands. But more often investments bring a more modest profit of 10-20% on annual basis. Shares value is declining and then scoring in advance, and the investor should carefully the company’s standing, evaluate the prospects for the market and the industry before gambling. A smart investor does not bet on one company, he diversifies his investments: and not only among stocks. FFinEU Investments Ltd. gives the basics of investment, which will as much help the shareholders, as joint-stock companies, and hence - the entire market.

A sure-handed approach and an adequate assessment of prospects are of major importance on the stock exchange. The online market Freedom24.com is one of those tools that simplify the role of an investor.