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How to Register Shares

As a matter of law, shares held by investor or simply ‘registered’ to him are equivalent and have equal force. It is not where the securities are physically registered, but how it was conducted is what really matters.

How to register a share when buying through a broker?

In fact, you will face no difficulties with documenting the shares. Having decided to invest in securities, you operate through:

• a broker - a professional participant of the stock exchange, who represents your interests and commits transactions for you;

• a depository where your securities are kept.

To buy and sell shares, you need to sign a contract with the depositary and the broker. For this you should provide the required documents. As for European citizens, a passport and any addendum document will be sufficient; more papers may be required of everyone else.

After preparing the application for opening an account, you will only have to sign it and send a copy by e-mail. Personal meeting with representatives of the brokerage company and the depositary is not required.

That will be enough to open accounts and trade in shares, receive dividends (you will be automatically listed into the Register of Members and Share Ledger), and upon the liquidation of the company (whose shares you purchased) look to a compensation.

You can place money by card if you pay for selected shares at the online store Freedom24.com or through the trading system Freedom24, as a registered user of the system. You may also pay by transfer.