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How and Where Shares and Other Securities Could Be Purchased

Those who pay attention to the quotes and seek a relatively stable income, may ask themselves how to purchase shares. You can buy securities on the stock exchange. The stock exchange is a financial institution (non-profit organization) where trades are conducted. Here people purchase and sell shares. The Exchange acts as an arbitrator by ensuring security and transparency of financial transactions.

In Europe, tenders are held on the London Stock Exchange, Euronext, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, etc. The most known stock exchanges in the world are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Generally, every capital of a large country has a stock and / or commodity exchange of its own, where shares, bonds, commodities, currencies and other financial instruments are traded.

But one cannot conduct independent purchases on one of these stock exchanges. For that you need to contact a licensed brokerage company. Brokers are professional players, while investment companies make transactions on behalf of and at the expense of their customers.

Such companies act as intermediaries: they ‘take’ your money, invest them in the stocks you have selected, sell them at a word (an application by phone, an e-mail, an order in the trading system). For this work and for providing technical opportunity, the broker receives his commission. Also, all brokers fall within the scope of interests of the local regulator, the Securities Commission. All investment companies are obliged to comply with certain requirements for their own capital, maintain the necessary staff of qualified employees, regularly report on their activities, go under audit, etc.

Cooperating with a broker (or through an online stock market) is convenient, and the insecurities and profits depend on your choice and competence. By means of a broker you can profit from both dividends, and securities quotations stagger. Most investors choose this option, because it is both simple and safe.