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Securities Portfolio Diversification

Stock quotations change day by day, and if you invest money in only one company, you can as easily make money as lose. You can secure all guarantees by making a diversified portfolio.

Diversification in the stock market is an opportunity to get maximum profit by reducing risks.

How It Works?

It is fairly simple: you invest in more than one company. For example, you purchase Royal Dutch Shell shares, as well as those of MasterCard and Amazon, investing in both risky and the most reliable assets. The trick is to distribute your money so that you make a profit, regardless the shares behavior and current trends. This is the most beneficial solution for long-term investments.

Your money may be securely invested:

• in the shares of various companies of the same industrial sector (for example, Cisco and Intel);

• in shares of companies of various industrial sectors (invest in Verizon, Renault and Siemens along with Alibaba Groupe);

• in shares of companies from various countries (the capital is distributed between American, European, and Asian securities being invested in 3M, Tencent, Tata Motors, Allianz and Total);

• in various types of securities (purchase bonds as well as shares);

• bank some part of the funds in foreign currency or purchase real property assets or a real share in a business.