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Swiss Exchange

The Swiss Confederation stock market has a long history but the Swiss Exchange, based in Zurich, was founded only in 1995 by merging the county’s three largest stock exchanges. It was the first stock exchange in the world to incorporate a fully automated trading right from the very beginning of its existence. The activities of the Swiss Exchange are controlled by 55 banks with equal voting rights.

The biggest part of the market is occupied by equity-securities of 20 domestic companies with high and medium capitalization. 260 companies are admitted to trading, including enterprises from the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Italy, the UK, and the USA. Trade currency is Swiss francs; in addition to shares, the Exchange also offers derivatives and government bonds.

We provide the latest information coming from the Swiss Exchange: charts, latest news, reviews of events. On this page, you will find the latest data on stock indices of the leading companies including Nestle, Novartis – one of the branches of the Roche pharmaceutical concern, Givaudan – the manufacturer of flavors for the food and perfume industry, and other giants of the financial, insurance and electrical markets.

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