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Asian exchange

Asian stock market is represented by some of the world's largest stock exchanges. One of the youngest, the National Stock Exchange of India Limited, not took away the leading positions from the oldest exchange in the country located in Bombay but also became the third biggest in the world in terms of amounts of transactions. The Shanghai Stock Exchange initially had restrictions on foreign investment, but since 2014, with the intermediation of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, all Exchange stocks are available for trading. There are 1.3 thousand companies in the list of issuers; the Stock Exchange capitalization is $ 4 trillion.

The list of the world leaders in terms of capitalization also includes the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 80% of all shares within Japan jurisdiction go through this exchange. The list of the issuers includes about 2 500 names: two-thirds of them are large companies, and a small number of other enterprises, which brokers pay special attention to, represent promising and rapidly developing ones. Having assessed the rapid development of certain Asian economies, the Americans are trying to make up the competition for the Tokyo Stock Exchange with opening their marketplaces for Eastern companies while London Stock Exchange is purposefully cooperating with the Pacific region of Asia.

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