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American Exchanges

The development of the American stock market is determined by three major exchanges: NASDAQ, which deals with the high-tech industry, New York Exchange – the world leader in terms of trading volume, and the American Stock Exchange, which has recently become its subsidiary, trading, inter alia, government bonds, and options.

The trades on the New York Stock Exchange are determined by the Dow Jones index based on the performance of the country’s 30 largest companies. Another index that takes into account the data on two thousand companies is the NYSE Composite. The Exchange market capitalization is $ 23.2 trillion while the number of listed companies and companies admitted to trading is about 2400.

The best dynamics is demonstrated by NASDAQ with it's $10 trillion capitalizations, and the number of companies admitted to trading reaches 3 300. Some of them, which meet strict financial requirements, are represented on the National Market while the joint stock companies with a smaller capitalization are traded on the Small Cap Market. NASDAQ is the source of the most important financial indices by economic sectors. Analysts rank this Stock Exchange among the world’s most steadily developing ones.

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