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Stock exchanges

Stock exchanges are the most important institution that secures the securities market functioning. They operate in almost all the countries; however, only some of them with the maximum market capitalization are of global importance. Such institutions include the American NASDAQ, the London, Frankfurt, and Australian Stock Exchanges. In recent decades, stock exchanges from the Asian region have come to the fore such as the Shanghai and Tokyo stock exchanges, and the National Stock Exchange of India. The post-Soviet countries also have their own institutions, but due to their short history and complicated social and economic conditions, they cannot yet compete with the stock market leaders.

The main task of a stock exchange is to help the seller and the buyer meet and to guarantee the transaction reliability. Our company has access to all the world's leading stock exchanges and offers its clients stocks that are traded on the majority important of them. We track all the information provided by stock exchanges, use it as the basis for making forecasts and publish them on our website. Guided by the data received from analysts, we recommend our customers promising investment fields or on the contrary, we warn them against thoughtless steps.

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