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Buy securities with high revenue potential. Receive dividends as a shareholder of the company.

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Sort stocks by the growth potential. Check out recommendations of Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, and 50+ other reputable investment banks on the securities you are interested in. Study the forecasts of Freedom Finance analysts. Add the selected stocks to your cart and pay with a bank card.

Why buy stocks?


growth over 1 year


growth over 1 year


growth over 1 year


growth over 1 year

To save and increase your capital.

The return on bank savings and insurance deposits is only a few percents per annum, while the biggest part is eaten up by inflation. However, the stock value of successful companies is growing much faster — by tens or even hundreds of percent annually. And with reasonable investment and portfolio diversification — the risk is minimized.

How else can you earn?

Buy stocks of companies with high dividend yields. After the closing of the registry of shareholders, you will be receiving dividends — a share of the company's profits. Keep track of the next payment dates in the dividend calendar.

Reminder about dividends

We will notify you about the purchase of this stock - 2 days before the next closing of the shareholder register

Why us?

We offer the lowest tariffs in Europe.
Compare our commissions with other brokers and save on each trade.

Average commission per trade* Exceeds the Freedom24 commission by
Degiro €2,65 15 %
Flatex €3,8 41 %
Comdirect €3,9 42 %
Consorsbank €3,95 43 %
Onvista bank €5 55 %
LYNX €5,8 61 %
S Broker €8,12 72 %
* With an average order size of €2,500

On average, our commission is lower by:


for a trade of €2,500

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The only European stock broker listed on NASDAQ

Freedom24.com portal - is the project of the investment company Freedom Finance Europe Ltd (formelry Freedom Finance Cyprus Ltd), a European subsidiary of the public holding - Freedom Holding Corp. More about us >>

SEC and CySEC regulation
Corresponds to MiFID II
Insurance of the investment accounts for €20,000
The holding's shares are traded on NASDAQ

We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of clients from 35 countries.
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